Friday, 10 August 2018

At assembly.

We was at Assembly we was waiting for the people to come we was post to go outside and it was raining outside and the girl done it and we went to class.

My spelling list

This is my spelling list for this week.The number is 5.2.It has 10 words.Mercy

Monday, 30 July 2018

Painting Time

Today I did some painting  in my class. Alaysia

The bear and the bees

When room 1 was with Mrs Millward we had to read our book with her. While we were Reading with her the other children were retelling a book from the book box on the ipad. My book was the bear and the bees. Daevon 

Puppets show 

Today we are leaning to do our puppets show and we have lot of puppets and we made puppets with paper and write a story. TUKU.

Now You See Me

I got this library book and I like it. We have a lot of Dr Seuss books in class also.-Canaan

The poem of Human Body 

This is my poem I was learning to do with my Human Body. I had to read it and try to put actions with the poem. Alaysia