Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Mr Jacobi Helps Out 

Today I was recording and reading about Mr Jacobi Helps Out.
We had to do characters, setting, time and problem.

Lost Again

Today we got our books and record ourself in our iPads after that I need to listen if it’s good.By Leiloa.

Nothing Ever Happens 

Today I was  reading this book and it’s called Nothing Ever Happens.
First we had to go on on EE and we had to take a photo of the last pag of the book and we had to write characters , the setting , time ,and problem.
In the chapter there was Mum Dad Hurry and Gran.
The setting is at backyard outside and garden
The time was at normal time.
And the last one was the problem and the problem was that there were aliens wants a cup of sugar.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Onomatopoeia Xavier 

Today room 1 made a Onomatopoeia sentence and it said “ Boom! Crash! Zap! Bam! “ went the fireworks and it was onomatopoeia it was so fun. By  Xavier

Fireworks Art

Today Room1 decorated our artwork .
 Mrs Millward told us this long  word and that word was onomatopoeia. We had to make fireworks sounds. That was boom,bang. We had to write that sound.

The fireworks 

Today we decorated our art and we used coloured crayons, black paint , a long stick and a coloured piece of paper.
Then  we had to write about how fireworks make noise.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Brushing twice a day 

The Ls 1 teacher came with some people in her class to teach us about staying healthy. The boys names were Ofa and Fraidin. We were learning all about brushing our teetth twice a day.  By Taua