Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Box city 

Today I was making a device shop with boxes. First I made the roof then I made the door. When I looked at it.... it looked good. Later I drew it on my iPad. Ahli

Friday, 21 September 2018

Talking about God

At lunch time I was running to room 6 and we were talking about God. The teacher printed out a paper that said God is nice, kind, helpful, loving, respectful and good. People think they believe in God by KB

Tukus vet shop

This is Tukus vet shop and it is going to go in Room 1's village. We made our village using boxes. Vicenzo

Captain underpants 

Today I got a captain underpants book at the school assembly. I go it for showing a good attitude.Paul


I made box it was shops top me 15 minutes

I made the roof and the door and the settling everything is good I did I did you happen to see my folks be box

I but I did and I went to go and make it on

It was fun and fun

I did not finish it I did most of the work

It was some fun.

Paul’s toy shop sep 21th

Today I made a toy shop!.Out of box’s and my friend Davud made a house. Also my friend k-b did a arcade. Paul 

This week I did vet shop and It has a door and I