Friday, 25 May 2018

Oat the goat 

Today i was making a goat.First i had to get a pi

My trophy 

On assembly I got a trophy for reading recovery. Vicenzo

Oat the goat

This  week room 1 has being leaning about Oat the goat.We watch it on the tv.Then in the afternoon we diy.Mercy

Friday, 18 May 2018


Today room 1 was panting the boll mrs millward pot the Attitude on the boll because she wanted to copy Romero Britto is pantin.

Smart tray

PWe was doing maths like 12345678910

My school library book  captain under pants and the attack of the talking toilets.

Yesterday me and my class went to are school library when we were there we went inside and sit on the floor then mrs said " the people who didn’t bring there library books you can not get a book but you can look at some books so then I looked at some books later it was time to pick I didn’t get I just sit in the line and wait then we went back to class.paul


We were learning to count in towe