Friday, 24 March 2017

River animals

We had to glue our animals onto the paper. We counted to see how many animals we had. Some were going left and some were going right. Wairaka.

River animals

We made river animals for our river. We had to put them in the water, beside the water or above the water. I didn't like that the bird was in the water. My teacher said she would put something under the bird so it can fly above the water and won't touch the water. Davud

A healthy river

I know that you must look after the streams and rivers so that animals can live there. If it is dirty they won't want to live there. Koura-Beau.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

No More Eels.

Everyone was looking for the eels at Johnsons Reserve. But I think they got tired and went home. Their was a small waterfall and lots of plants at the reserve. Sasuke.

Finding Eels

We went to look for eels. I saw 3 eels. Ms Taylor said that it must be a healthy stream because I could see eels. I will take my family to see the eels. Rosalili.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Dunkirk Reserve

We were walking to Johnson Reserve. We walked past the park. I looked at the river and I looked at the park. I will help pick up rubbish if I go play at the park with my family. Paul

Storm Drain by the river

I saw a storm drain that comes from the school to the river. I don't want to throw rubbish down the storm drain and let it go into the river. Davud